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Megan Singleton, Verdure, handmade paper
Ornamentation of Plants and Pattern



"Verdure: Ornamentation of Plants and Pattern is the culmination and combination of two years of work, which explores flora and landscape through sculpture, papermaking, and marbling. My work is directly inspired by experiences in nature and the research that evolves from a desire to understand the history and systems of the unique locations I explore. My creative practice intertwines the historic craft of hand papermaking with contemporary place-based methodologies.


"While creating this work I collected a variety of plant fibers, both native and invasive, and river sediment as the material base for my handmade paper. Research, both material and scholarly, is a critical component of my studio activities. Collecting, testing, and discovering the papermaking properties of these plant fibers informs the physical manifestation of my artwork. This distinct process of material selection also allows me to physically embed elements of regional specificity and conceptual implications into the work.


"Formal abstraction is used to depict the intersection of dendritic systems and patterns found in waterways, plants, and paths of travel observed and experienced in Missouri, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  The technical processes of marbling, pulp painting, drawing with a wet slurry of pulp while making paper, and the sculptural manipulations of the paper as it dried were used in the creation of this body of work."

-Megan Singleton

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