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jack rabbit from a wisely discarded fabl

"I’m fascinated by the merging of things that don’t normally play well together, whether it be ideas or mediums. I work in wood stains and acrylic paint with a touch of spray paint and various colored powders from metallics to charcoal. I like these mediums because they don’t like each other. When I combine them, they immediately try to segregate and I lovingly remind them that we can all get over our differences and work as one. Then there are the subjects or ideas or concepts (pick one) within my work. These reflect my own sensibilities, which admittedly, much like the mediums I use, are often at odds with one another. And I’m okay with that." - Jason Byron Nelson

Born, raised and educated in Louisiana, Jason Byron Nelson is an illustrator, fine-artist and writer who finds inspiration in the diversity of everyday life. His methods and mediums are nearly as assorted as his inspirations. From pixels to spraypaint, Nelson has adapted several unconventional styles on the path to creating his own.

Today, Nelson is the sole force behind Trick Button, a Monroe-based design boutique specializing in commercial illustration and convincing clients that the need for branding goes far beyond logos and Facebook posts.

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