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Jay N. Davis is a working artist based in Monroe, Louisiana. His lush paintings and drawings of Northeast Louisiana, and the flora and fauna within, establish a link between the region’s reality and the world of the mysterious and surreal. Davis is also a professional character animator. His work can be seen in feature films including "Fantastic Beasts" and "Where to Find Them," and video games including "State of Decay 2." He is currently a mentor at, and he animated for Walt Disney Feature Animation 1994 - 2007.


"My work focuses on the plants and animals of Northeast Louisiana and explores the relationship between botanical illustration and surrealist sensibilities. Ever since I was a child exploring the woods and bayous in Monroe I have been fascinated by the shapes and rhythms of nature. With influences as diverse as Robert Thornton and Hans Belmer, new combinations are crafted from both traditional and modern visual language. What starts out as chaotic soon becomes a recognizable interwoven hegemony of fractal shapes and patterns, leaving a sense of both familiarity and new understanding."

-Jay Davis


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