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Teri's unorthodox path to becoming an artist began with her immersion in the ancient art form of theatre that she studied at Towson University in Maryland. She excelled in physical expression and comedy. At the encouragement of an instructor, she auditioned and won a coveted spot as one of the few female clowns in the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. For two unforgettable years, she performed in every state across the U.S. in one of the most colorful and visually stimulating environments imaginable. She then moved to Los Angeles and became an award-winning stage actress, but she left the stage when her first child was born. After making beautiful fabric art for several years, Teri decided to take an art class and discovered a latent talent and passion for painting and drawing. During a remarkably short and prolific period, she won several awards and sold dozens of paintings and drawings to rapt fans who recognized her unique sense of composition and color in dramatic floral and still life works. She feels she has found her true aesthetic after discovering the fascinating world of mixed media and collage. She is a member of the Collage Artists of America, National Collage Society and Women Painters West. 


Her work is still being exhibited in several galleries in L.A., but in 2010 she and her husband moved to the historic river city of Louisville, Kentucky, to enjoy the slower pace and rich heritage of a smaller city with one of America's most vibrant art scenes. Teri continues to revel in daily discoveries about art and her own sensibilities, and fearlessly explores the infinite possibilities of various media and genres.

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